German Short Stories for Beginners [ PDF ]

German Short Stories for Beginners

German Short Stories for Beginners

German Short Stories for Beginners

How German Short Stories for Beginners has been laid out


We want to help you read stories and understand each aspect of the language in the most entertaining way, so we’ve compiled a series of tales which will each cover a particular tool of the language. Each story will tell a different tale involving unique, deep characters with their own personalities and conflicts, while ensuring that you understand the objective of the particular language device in German. Verbs, Pronouns, Nouns, Directions, Time and Date; all of it will be covered in this book. At no point will we introduce concepts too difficult for you to grasp, and any complicated vocabulary will be studied at the end of each story.

The stories have been written in a way that will allow you to:


a) Read the story without any distractions, paying attention solely to the plot of the tale without making special emphasis on distracting elements.
b) Interpret the tale you just read with the use of two summaries — one in English so that you may ensure you understood what the tale was about and can go back to it if there was something you didn’t understand properly; and another in German for when you start to dominate the language a bit better, allowing you to create your own summary for the book later on.
c) Understand the related terms expressed throughout the story with the use of a list of vocabulary that will give you important definitions and clear up any doubts you may have acquired.
d) Last but not least: ensure you have understood what you’ve read by providing you with a list of simple-choice questions based on the story, with a list of answers below if you want to corroborate your choices.


All of this will ensure absolute efficiency in not only reading the stories, but in understanding and interpreting them once you’re done. It is absolutely normal that you may find certain terms unknown to your knowledge of the language, and it is equally normal that sometimes you may ultimately not entirely understand what the story is about. We’re here to help you, in any way we can.
Recommendations for readers of German Short Stories for Beginners

Before we allow you to begin reading, we have a quick list of recommendations, tips and tricks for getting the best out of this book.

1. Read the stories without any pressure: feel free to return to parts you didn’t understand and take breaks when necessary. This is like any fantasy, romance or sci-fi book you’d pick up, except with different goals.
2. Feel free to use any external material to make your experience more complete: while we’ve provided you with plenty of data to help you learn, you may feel obliged to look at text books or search for more helpful texts on the internet — do not think twice about doing so! We even recommend it.
3. Find other people to learn with: while learning can be fun on your own, it definitely helps to have friends or family joining you on the tough journey of learning a new language. Find a like-minded person to accompany you in this experience, and you may soon find yourself competing to see who can learn the most!
4. Try writing your own stories once you’re done: all of the material in this book is made for you to learn not only how to read, but how to write as well. Liked what you read? Try writing your own story now, and see what people think about it!

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