How to Learn Memorize German Vocabulary Book [ PDF ]

How to Learn Memorize German Vocabulary Book


How to Learn  Memorize German Vocabulary Book

How to Learn Memorize German Vocabulary Book



Why You Need To Read This Book
Every day for six months I sat in German class and silently uttered streams of English swear words
that would have reddened my teacher’s cheeks.
My frustration carried on until I devised the Memory Palace system taught in this book, the same
technique that helped me advance from groveling through a small patch of vocabulary to soaring
above the clouds of German diction.
Within hours of finally figuring out this system, my storage and recall of German vocabulary
increased by a factor of ten. Within a month of working with the system, I had learned and
memorized the sound and meaning of 260 new words. And within three months I was reading complex
literature that had previously sent me running to the dictionary more than 100 times per page.
I also began engaging in sophisticated conversations that went far, far beyond asking for
directions and ordering beer. I talked with people about Art History, philosophy and other subjects
that are dear to me. Within a year I found myself giving public lectures in Germany to native
Germans who could understand me perfectly. I know I was understood because they asked me
intelligent questions and I satisfied them easily and naturally with the multi-layered nuances of
my answers.
As my fellow students at the Hartnackschule Language School in Berlin watched this progress, they
flocked to me for advice during breaks and after class, attracted to the methodical ways I turned
my “guerilla” memory tactics into near-fluency. One student hired me to accelerate his language
learning and this established me as a private memorization trainer.
The help I’ve been able to give people over the years has been wonderful. In less than a week, I
regularly have students return to me with a minimum of 260 new words firmly lodged in the
alphabetical Memory Palaces taught in this book. These memorization techniques work for me, they
work for
my students and they will work for you.


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